Storm Damage Photo Gallery

photo of a storm damaged roof after tarping

Roof damage in Jackson, Ohio

This homeowner began to see visible staining from a storm-damaged roof. Thankfully they made the decision to call SERVPRO of Jackson & Ross, Athens & Gallia Counties. Once we arrived, we assessed the situation and quickly came back with a game plan. First, we laid a protective membrane of thick plastic as our base layer. Afterwards, we laid our tarp over the affected area and secured it all down with treated furring strips. Once that was completed, the home was temporarily protected from the outside elements! The customer was very pleased with the results and is now ready for repair!

extracting wet carpet after ground water entered the bedroom

Ground Water in Chillicothe, OH

Basements are prone to having groundwater leak into the home. In this situation, we were quick to the scene and were able to quickly extract and remove material. We then dried the area and sprayed anti-microbial to clean any contaminants. 

Rooftop of a rural home destroyed by a fallen tree

Fallen tree damage

This is the aftermath of a strong storm that caused a nearby tree to fall, landing on this local home. the impact of the tree was felt throughout the house and caused the roof and ceiling to collapse in some areas. SERVPRO was able to remove what was left of the tree and board up the roof while we began our repairs. 

Hallway of a commercial building that has standing flood water

Flood damage in Ross County Business

Here is a commercial building that accumulated some floodwater after a series of heavy rain. SERVPRO of Jackson & Ross, Athens & Gallia Counties was quick to the scene to extract and clean, to get operations back on track! 

water damage to ceiling

Water damage to ceiling in McArthur

A roof leak during a storm resulting in water pouring from the ceiling or drywall falling can leave you feeling completely out of control. In this case, the ceiling and insulation needed to be removed so that the substructure could be adequately dried to prevent any bacterial growth before reconstruction began. 

Water mitigation is our expertise. Allow us to help put your home back together. Call SERVPRO of Jackson & Ross, Athens & Gallia Counties today if you need assistance, 740-286-2550.