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Basement prior to cleaning

Sewage Backup in Chillicothe, OH

Here we had a situation in Chillicothe, Ohio where this family had faced a sewage backup in their home which affected their unfinished basement. The concrete along with multiple pieces of their belongings was affected. The SERVPRO crew was able to quickly arrive and begin the process. We began by removing the standing water in the area with our extraction tools. Then, we were able to sort through the contents between salvageable and unsalvageable items. Once the items were sorted, we began to move the items out of the affected area and began to dry the concrete surface with our specialized drying equipment and HEPA-rated air scrubbers. Along with drying we also sprayed down all surfaces with our professionally formulated sewage treatments and disinfectants.

photo of a smoke damaged basement prior to cleaning

Smoke Damage in Circleville, OH

Here we can see the results of some smoke damage in this Circleville home. This was the result of a small stove fire that left smoke residue across the entire area. SERVPRO of Jackson & Ross, Athens & Gallia Counties were able to place HEPA-rated air scrubbers to control any airborne contaminants while we began cleaning. We then began the cleaning process by scoping what all was to be cleaned. After the scope was completed we had our crew of trained cleaners use their professionally formulated cleaning supplies to remove all of the unwanted residues. The customer was very pleased with the results. 

photo of a storm damaged roof after tarping

Roof damage in Jackson, Ohio

This homeowner began to see visible staining from a storm-damaged roof. Thankfully they made the decision to call SERVPRO of Jackson & Ross, Athens & Gallia Counties. Once we arrived, we assessed the situation and quickly came back with a game plan. First, we laid a protective membrane of thick plastic as our base layer. Afterwards, we laid our tarp over the affected area and secured it all down with treated furring strips. Once that was completed, the home was temporarily protected from the outside elements! The customer was very pleased with the results and is now ready for repair!

extracting wet carpet after ground water entered the bedroom

Ground Water in Chillicothe, OH

Basements are prone to having groundwater leak into the home. In this situation, we were quick to the scene and were able to quickly extract and remove material. We then dried the area and sprayed anti-microbial to clean any contaminants. 

Room during demolition

Restore vs Replace

Here at SERVPRO, during our mitigation process, we attempt to save and preserve as much material as reasonably possible. This practice helps lower costs and keeps your home as intact as possible. 

Photo of a building blueprint

Accurate Estimations

SERVPRO of Jackson & Ross, Athens & Gallia Counties strives to provide professional results in all aspects of our work, with accurate estimations being one of many. Using top-of-the-line software allows us to provide accurate and transparent estimations for you and your agent. 

24 hour service

24/7 Emergency Service

At SERVPRO of Jackson & Ross, Athens & Gallia Counties, we know that disaster doesn't work on your schedule. Fortunately, we are always ready to help. Give us a call and our 24/7 crew will always be ready to serve!

IICRC Certified Firm Logo

IICRC Certified Firm

We at SERVPRO of Jackson & Ross, Athens & Gallia Counties pride ourselves in being an IICRC Certified Firm! We make sure that your needs are met by our experienced staff to give you the best results possible.

Rooftop of a rural home destroyed by a fallen tree

Fallen tree damage

This is the aftermath of a strong storm that caused a nearby tree to fall, landing on this local home. the impact of the tree was felt throughout the house and caused the roof and ceiling to collapse in some areas. SERVPRO was able to remove what was left of the tree and board up the roof while we began our repairs. 

Hallway of a commercial building that has standing flood water

Flood damage in Ross County Business

Here is a commercial building that accumulated some floodwater after a series of heavy rain. SERVPRO of Jackson & Ross, Athens & Gallia Counties was quick to the scene to extract and clean, to get operations back on track! 

damage caused by an electrical fire

Electrical Fire Damage

Here we can see the damage created by an electrical fire where it had burned a section of the drywall along with the ceiling and floor. this section of the living room was removed, cleaned, and sealed and is now ready for re-installation!

Kitchen fire damage showing destroyed stove, range hood, and cabinets

Fire Damage in Vinton County, OH

Here we can see the damage caused by a kitchen fire in Vinton County, Ohio. This fire caused a lot of damage to the kitchen itself but also created a lot of soot debris throughout the home. SERVPRO of Jackson & Ross, Athens & Gallia Counties was quick to help and made it "Like it never even happened." 

Stairway covered in soot from a fire

Fire Damage Cleaning in Vinton County, OH

Here we can see that fire damage can exceed what is actually burned. This is a staircase that is covered in soot from a fire that occurred within the house. Our crew was very thorough in making sure we removed as much staining and odor as possible. 

crumbled drywall on top of soaking wet flooring

Water Loss in Jackson Home

This is the result of a water loss in a second-story home here in Jackson, Ohio. The cause of loss was a faulty fitting on the second floor which proceeded to soak the flooring and the drywall ceiling below it. On arrival, the drywall was already beginning to crumble and fall off the ceiling. SERVPRO of Jackson & Ross, Athens & Gallia Counties made sure to remove all material that was wet and lost its structural integrity. once our drying strategy was put into place, this home is now dry and is ready for us to begin the rebuilding process! If you are facing a similar issue, call us at (740) 286-2550 today! 

crumbled drywall on top of soaking wet carpet

Broken water line in Jackson, OH home

Wet floors, walls, and ceilings can be overwhelming. Here a broken water line from a bathroom on the 2nd floor in this home in Jackson, OH caused severe damage below, including fallen ceilings and damaged carpets in the kitchen and living room.  After removing the water and the mess, we will be certain your materials are dry and ready for new finishes. This can take just 3 to 5 days for actual drying using our dehumidifiers and air movers. Our trained technicians provide daily monitoring services to be certain no area is left wet. Always operating by IICRC guidelines for water damage restoration, our SERVPRO team helped make this water damage "Like it never even happened." 

Carpet extraction in a local business

Carpet Extraction in Gallia Co.

This is the result of a cleaning and carpet extraction job of a local business in Gallia County. It is shocking to see how much dirt and contaminants can be hidden underneath the surface without noticing! Our crew went straight to action and was able to make quick work of this back room. The storage racks were all wiped down and cleaned along with the carpets. The employees now have an area to safely store their items here. If your business needs a cleaning crew (no matter the size) don't hesitate to call SERVPRO of Jackson & Ross, Athens & Gallia County today at (740) 395-0423!

employee steam cleaning furniture

Commercial Cleaning in Logan, Ohio

This is a commercial cleaning job that took place in Logan, Ohio. A crew came over right away to get to work and did a great job steam cleaning and extracting all of these pieces of furniture in this local cabin. Once completed, we made sure to reorganize and make it just as they left it. Our team takes the time to perform the most thorough job they can offer and we pride ourselves on paying attention to detail. If you need any assistance in commercial cleaning, don't hesitate to call SERVPRO of Jackson & Ross, Athens & Gallia Counties today at (740) 395-0423!

Drainpipe in a local Athens, Ohio business that experienced a sewage backup

Sewage backup in Athens, Ohio

This was the result of a sewage backup in a local Athens, OH business. This backup ended up going out to their main lobby and ruining their floor. The lobby floor was quickly removed and the concrete base was dried and sanitized. SERVPRO of Jackson & Ross, Athens & Gallia made quick work to make sure their business could get back to normal. 

water damage to ceiling

Water damage to ceiling in McArthur

A roof leak during a storm resulting in water pouring from the ceiling or drywall falling can leave you feeling completely out of control. In this case, the ceiling and insulation needed to be removed so that the substructure could be adequately dried to prevent any bacterial growth before reconstruction began. 

Water mitigation is our expertise. Allow us to help put your home back together. Call SERVPRO of Jackson & Ross, Athens & Gallia Counties today if you need assistance, 740-286-2550.

saturated carpets in an Athens County home

Water damage in Athens County

Come home to find unwelcome water has saturated the carpets throughout your home? Ugh! No worries, our team of professionals is on call 24/7. Whether you accidentally left the water running or a pipe bursts while you are gone, we're ready when you need us. SERVPRO of Jackson & Ross, Athens & Gallia Counties offers full water mitigation and reconstruction services. 

Standing water in dining room

Unwelcome water in Gallia County

Don't be overwhelmed with the cleanup of unwelcome water damage in your basement or any other part of your home. Allow our team of experts to assist you with the cleanup and repair of any structural damage. We'll even take care of the affected contents, helping to make it "Like it never even happened."

Mold growing on door frames and stairs

Mold growth due to unknown water damage

This mold growth is the result of unknown water damage in a second home. Because the owners don't reside there on a daily basis, in a very short time period the water loss quickly became much more than just that. Fortunately, we know how to help make it "Like it never even happened."® 

sewage on a basement floor

Sewage backup in basement in Ross County

Unfortunately, this happens. Biological and chemical contaminants can pose serious health consequences. SERVPRO Professionals are trained to handle sewage backups, crime scenes, and vandalism. Call our team of heroes to the rescue.

extensive fire damage to a living room in Jackson County

Fire Damage in Jackson County

This was the result of a fire when we arrived on the scene. There was significant smoke, soot, and structural damage throughout the home. Unfortunately, fire is destructive and sometimes requires rebuilding. Good news, we provide both! Call us to discuss fire damage restoration and reconstruction services.

upholstered furniture in a library that has been recently cleaned

Upholstered furniture and carpet cleaning in Gallia County

Allow us to maintain the upholstered furniture and carpets in your place of business, making sure your facility looks and feels clean and inviting to those you serve. Here it will be easy to settle in with a good book!